District 58 provides students with comprehensive learning opportunities in the field of scientific study. Children investigate five unique domains as they learn content knowledge, scientific reasoning and laboratory skills throughout their experiences kindergarten through eighth grade. Learning is done through a balance of reading, discussion and laboratory experiences. Recently, the Next Generation Science Standards were released. District 58’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Committee is currently investigation this standards.

The Domains of Common Core Science

Earth and Space: In this domain, students learn about our planet and the universe around us. While studying this, children will investigate the formation of rocks, weather patterns and interstellar phenomena.

Health: Students studying this domain will learn about the human body, what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle, and how they can develop positive life choices to maintain a healthy life.

Life Science: In this domain, children learn about the wide variety of living organisms on our planet. Children studying this will learn about the interdependent relationships of diverse species as well as the life cycles of each of these species.

Physical Science: Students studying this domain learn about the states and interactions of matter. Children learn about the world around them including forces, electricity, machines, and laws of motion.

Scientific Reasoning and Skills: In this domain, students learn about the process of scientific investigation. Children learn to use tools for measurement, record data, and interpret data within a safe laboratory environment.