Register for the 40th Annual District 58 Science Fair

Downers Grove Grade School District 58 invites students in grades 1-8 to participate in the Science Fair this winter! Registration will be open Friday, Dec. 3 through Friday, Dec. 17.  To register for this year’s Science Fair, use this Registration Form

The Science Fair will occur Saturday, Jan. 22 from 8 a.m. to noon at O’Neill Middle School. The fair is open to all District 58 students in grades 1-8. The Science Fair is a voluntary experience, but District 58 encourages every student to consider participating!

Students may register as an individual or with one partner. If the partners are in two different grade levels, they must follow the rules of the older grade level. 

Please see the below links for project topic ideas, as well as grade-specific project instructions and judging requirements. All projects will comprise an exhibit, written report and oral report. Participants in grades 1-2 will be judged non-competitively and will all receive a participation ribbon. Students in grades 3-8 may choose to participate competitively or non-competitively. 

A team of two judges will objectively rate the Science Fair's competitive entries on their knowledge of topic, written report and exhibit. First, second and third place ribbons will be awarded. Seventh and eighth grade projects will be eligible for the Regional or State Science Fair based on merit.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to support their children and ensure they follow instructions correctly. However, the Science Fair is an independent project, and children are expected to complete all manipulations and measurements for their experiments, and to create all drawings and charts for their boards, without parent help.

District 58 seeks judges to evaluate Science Fair projects! Each Science Fair project is judged by a two-person team: one “technical” judge with a strong science background and one educator judge. If you have a science or education background, please consider serving as a judge! Please click here to sign up to be a Science Fair judge.

For more information, please check with your school building. 


The District 58 Science Fair Committee