Art instruction in District 58  is based upon five distinct domains of study. Through experiential investigation, children develop a comprehensive understanding of how the visual and spatial worlds interact and the design principles that can be learned from these interactions. The foundation of art instruction for students is built upon both experiential and historical contexts with children learning about the key influences within art and how this may impact their product design choices.

The Domains of Art Instruction in District 58

Art Elements: In this domain students learn the tools necessary to create and analyze art. Foci include lines, color, shape, texture, space and value.

Art History: In this domain students analyze the work and techniques of various historical artists as well as cultural and regional influences in art.

Creativity: In this domain students focus on idea development and collaborative interaction to support unique and diverse perspectives.

Design Principles: In this domain students learn the interactions of line, shape and texture to determine points of interest, perspective and unifying elements.

Media Exploration: In this domain students explore a variety of physical and digital materials to construct their design vision.