Music - General

Music instruction in District 58  is based upon five distinct domains of study. Through experiential investigation, children develop a comprehensive understand of how interactions within the auditory world and the compositional techniques used to create these interactions. The foundation of music instruction for students is developed through performance, composition and historical contexts with children learning about the key influences in music.

The Domains of Music Instruction in District 58

Creative Expression Through Music: This domain focuses on the creation of musical composition. Children learn both traditional and digital methodologies to create music. Additionally, children learn the ideas and theories behind improvisational music.

Form & Style: In this domain, children learn about the general structures of music. Additionally, students investigate different genres of music as well as famous composers and musicians from these genres.

Melody & Harmony: Students studying this domain focus on the composition of sound. Children learn how notes work together and develop skills in reading notes, identifying sounds and performing combinations of sounds. This domain focuses on the fundamentals of notes, pitch, tone, melody and harmony.

Rhythm: In this domain, students learn to create various rhythms, understand the vocabulary of rhythm, and use rhythm in composition and performance.

Singing & Playing Instruments: This domain focuses on the practices of performing musical composition. Children learn the tools and techniques to perform vocal and instrumental music.