District Offices and Contacts

District Offices
Office of the Superintendent
1860 63rd St,
Downers Grove, IL 60516
Dr. Kevin Russell, Superintendent - krussell@dg58.org
Melissa Jerves, Secretary - mjerves@dg58.org
Office of Business Todd Drafall, Assistant Superintendent for Business/CSBO, 630-719-5829 - tdrafall@dg58.org
Gina McCauley, Secretary, 630-719-5829 - gmccauley@dg58.org
Sonali Patil, Manager of Business Services, 630-719-5839 - spatil@dg58.org
Carly Book, Payroll Bookkeeper, 630-719-5848 - cbook@dg58.org
Kerry May, Bookkeeper, 630-719-5853 - kmay@dg58.org
Katie Dutton, Accounts Payable, 630-719-5854 - kdutton@dg58.org
Office of Personnel Dr. Jayne Yudzentis, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel & Staff Development, 630-719-5807 - jyudzentis@dg58.org
Kathy McCutcheon, Personnel Assistant, 630-719-5807 - kmccutcheon@dg58.org
Kristin Mitchell, Secretary, 630-719-5806 - kmitchell@dg58.org
Office of Special Services
Jessica Stewart, Assistant Superintendent for Special Services Homeless Liaison, 630-719-5824 - jstewart@dg58.org
Katie Dutton, Secretary - kdutton@dg58.org
Jackelyn Cadard, Special Programs Coordinator - jcadard@dg58.org
Lauren Hartelius, Behavioral Support Systems Coordinator - lhartelius@dg58.org
Office of Community Relations
Megan Hewitt,
Community Relations Coordinator - mhewitt@dg58.org
Office of Curriculum, Technology and Instruction
Longfellow Center
1435 Prairie Ave.
Downers Grove, IL. 60515

Justin Sisul, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, 630-719-5867 - jsisul@dg58.org
Dr. James Eichmiller, Assistant Superintendent for Technology and Learning - jeichmiller@dg58.org
Eleni Gajewski, Curriculum Coordinator - egajewski@dg58.org
Christine Priester, Curriculum Coordinator - cpriester@dg58.org
Matthew Jewell, Curriculum Coordinator - mjewell@dg58.org
Jill Brokop, Curriculum Department Secretary- jbrokop@dg58.org
Patricia Vena, Technology Department Secretary - pvena@dg58.org
Angela Krzywicki, Bookstore Secretary, 630-719-2768 - akrzywicki@dg58.org
Jennifer Lehotsky, Instructional Coach - jlehotsky@dg58.org
Lauren Prosser, Instructional Coach - lprosser@dg58.org
Tim Frederickson, Instructional Coach - tfrederickson@dg58.org
Nicole Ring, Instructional Coach - nring@dg58.org
Todd Cherney, Level 2 Technician - tcherney@dg58.org
Cheryl Meuret, Data Assistant - cmeuret@dg58.org
Geoff Meister, Level 1 Technician - gmeister@dg58.org
Lauren Klimczak, Level 1 Technician - lklimczak@dg58.org
Rod Novotny, Network Administrator - rnovotny@dg58.org
Maria Velez, Coordinator of Information Systems - mvelez@dg58.org

Office of Buildings and Grounds
Longfellow Center
Kevin Barto, Director of Buildings & Grounds - kbarto@dg58.org
Geoff Neustadt, Assistant Director of Buildings & Grounds - gneustadt@dg58.org
Grove Children’s Preschool Jackelyn Cadard, Preschool Coordinator - jcadard@dg58.org

Contact Information

1860 63rd Street
Downers Grove, IL 60516
Phone: (630) 719-5800
Fax: (630) 719-9857