Physical Education

Physical Education instruction in District 58 is based upon four distinct domains of study. Children learn the basics of gross motor coordination and develop capacities for individual and collaborative performance of skills. Students within the District 58 Physical Education program develop an understanding of physical fitness and how to live a physically healthy lifestyle.

The Domains of Physical Education Instruction in District 58

Body Movement & Fitness: As children learn the components of this domain, they develop an understanding of healthy living, how fitness is a fundamental aspect of a healthy life, and how they can approach life-long physical health through developing strength, flexibility and aerobic conditioning.

Games & Sports: In this domain, children learn the cultural interactions of game and sports. Students learn concepts, rules and techniques in both individual and team sports.

Movement Education: As students experience learning in this domain, they develop important gross motor skills beginning with jumping and stretching moving toward specific understanding of space and directed movement.

Rhythm & Dance: In this domain, students learn how physical movement has been a historical expression of culture and community. Children learn a variety of dance techniques through structured and unstructured dances.