Multilingual Programs

District 58 provides two primary multilingual programs, the English Language Learner Program and the Dual Language Program. Here is more information about each program:

English Language Learner Program: This program serves students who are learning the English language, in addition to their native language. ELL students are located at all 13 District 58 schools, and this support is provided at the student's home school. Learn more about the English Language Learner Program.

Dual Language Program: District 58 offers a Dual Language Program. During the 2024-25 school year, District 58 offers a two-way Dual Language Program for native English and native Spanish speakers at the K-2 grade levels. This program will expand by one grade level in every subsequent year. District 58 also offer a one-way Dual Language Program for native Spanish speakers in grades 1-8. Learn more about the Dual Language Program.

Bilingual Parent Advisory Council: The Bilingual Parent Advisory Council (BPAC) comprises parents and guardians with children who participate in District 58's English Language Learner and Dual Language programs. Learn more about the BPAC.