Our Story

About District 58:

We achieve academic excellence.

District 58 supports learning to meet the needs of all students. We adopted new English-Language Arts resources in 2018, new Science resources in 2019, new Math resources in 2020, new Social Studies resources in 2021 and 2022 and new Writing Resources in 2023.  We proudly equip our teachers with rigorous and updated curricular materials to help our students succeed! Our Curriculum Council works on a two-year cycle to study current resources and standards, investigate emerging and best practices and sources and pilots them before recommending adoption of any new resource. 

The State of Illinois awarded all District 58 schools with either an Exemplary or Commendable academic designation.

Students consistently perform well on the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test.

  • Grade level achievement ranges from 80th percentile to 92th percentile in Reading
  • Grade level achievement ranges from 80th percentile to 97th percentile in Math

Source: 2022 Illinois School Report Card 

Plus, our Grove Children's Preschool program earned back-to-back Gold Ratings from the State of Illinois Preschool Audit. This is the highest rating a preschool can earn for excellence in teaching and learning!

We care for the whole child.

District 58 incorporates social-emotional learning into its daily instruction for all students. In fact, the District was an early adopter of social-emotional learning curricular resources that foster student well-being.

District 58 keeps students at the center of every decision. Our dedicated teachers and staff work collaboratively to nurture each student's academic, social and emotional needs. To better support all students, the average District 58 classroom has 18 students. (Source: 2021 Illinois Report Card)

  • 94% of parents say: "My child is cared for by the adults at school."
  • 91% of parents say: "The school is a supportive and inviting place for students."
  • 89% of parents say: "My child's school fosters an appreciation of student diversity and respect for each other." 

Source: 2023 District 58 School Environment Survey

We prepare students for success.

All District 58 schools feed into District 99 for high school.
68% of District 58 students enter District 99 ready for a sophomore level class or above.
92% of District 99 students graduate, compared to 87% of Illlinois students.

We plan for the future.

The District 58 Board of Education approved a Strategic Plan in 2018 that charged District 58 with three goals: Focusing on Learning, Connecting the Community, and Securing the Future, and is currently in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan. The District is in the process of developing a new strategic plan, building on the success of the 2018-23 plan. Two additional goals have been added: Building for Success (Implement new Pre-K-5, 6-8 models)  and Cultivating Talent (Maximizing the Potential of Students, Staff, and Families) 

In November 2022, voters approved a referendum to add onto and improve the facilities with overwhelming community support; 67.59% voted yes on the measure. The four-year construction project will:

  • Transition sixth graders to the two middle schools for a more developmentally appropriate education
  • Install air conditioning at schools that don't have it
  • Build more secure vestibules at the schools
  • Update aging and outdated critical infrastructure

The Master Facility Plan will ensure a safe, modernized and effective learning environment for all students. The plan was being developed with input from all stakeholders, including District 58 staff, parents and the broader community. We are very excited for the future of our fantastic schools! Follow our progress at Building for Success webpage.

We involve our parents and community.

District 58 values community input, and annually provides opportunities for residents to join committees, attend meetings, complete surveys and more. In fall of 2022 the district hosted a series of facility meetings that featured school tours, a presentation and Q&A session in order for residents to learn more about plans for the facilities and to provide a voice in guiding our initiatives. Once the referendum passed, the district hosted a series of Visioning Sessions for parents, staff and community members to voice opinions on their priorities about design elements.