Family & Consumer Science

FACS (2018 Update): The ultimate goal of Family and Consumer Sciences is to teach students life skills they may need in a hands-on environment while learning to collaborate with other students and problem solve. Skills from other academic classes are also incorporated such as Math and Science. FACS contains five different domains.

  1. Child Development: In this domain, students learn about safety, and caring for young children.
  2. Financial Consumerism: In this domain, students learn the decision-making process and the cause-and-effect of advertising on spending.
  3. Clothing & Construction: Students learn the tools to care for clothing and to create a product using a sewing machine.
  4. Culinary Arts: Students focus on creating and analyzing prepared foods. Students also identify factors contributing to the handling, safety and sanitation of food products.
  5. Nutrition and Wellness: In this domain, students learn tools to identify nutrition and how it relates to their health. Students will learn the USDA dietary guidelines, MyPlate.