Community and Parents

Following the successful referendum, District 58 has involved the community in the pre-planning process to determine the philosophy and design elements members saw as priorities. See the section on Visioning Sessions. Further, user groups of staff have been involved in discussions throughout the process on how spaces could best be enhanced for staff use or student learning. The District, in collaboration with its Owner’s Representative, held an informational meeting in September 2023 with neighbors of Herrick and O’Neill to present information on the projects and answer questions.

During the approval process, a number of entities reviewed and signed off on required permissions/ordinances including: Village of Downers Grove, Regional Office of Education, Illinois Department of Public Health, DuPage County Health Department and Illinois EPA.


community meeting graphic

Beginning in March 2024, Construction Manager Bulley & Andrews will hold monthly meetings every last Friday of the month with middle school neighbors to outline construction updates, delivery routes, work hours and address any questions. Bulley & Andrews delivered flyers to 40 neighbors in the vicinity of each school.

Click here to view the meeting flyers:

Dashboards graphicDashboard

Additionally, in collaboration with the District, Bulley & Andrews has created a Dashboard to help the community monitor the progress of the work. The Dashboard will be updated with monthly status reports, photos and a webcam of construction.


Workplace and Environmental Safety

Building Contractors Bulley & Andrews perform a weekly safety audit to ensure that the work meets OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards and guidelines. During the onsite safety walk, using a 68-point inspection checklist, the Safety Manager inspects such things as first aid kits and signage, ensures that construction gates are closed during work, that eye protection and hard hats are worn; and that environmental standards such as how materials are cut and how exhaust and removal of waste are conducted.  


Following substantial completion of construction, there is a third-party inspection conducted by B&F Code Services. B&F Code Services performs a building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and fire protection system inspection based on the codes of the Illinois State Board of Education. The report is issued to Construction Manager Bulley & Andrews, Architect Wight & Company, Owner’s Representative Huffman & Keel and District 58. Additionally, the Village of Downers Grove conducts sewer, sanitary and water inspections and the Illinois Department of Public Health conducts plumbing and kitchen-related inspections. Finally, the Regional Office of Education issues a final permit to occupy the space.


The budget for all capital work is approximately $209 million. There are several funding sources, including the $179 million in referendum bond sales: 

  • Bond Proceeds and Interest earned. The largest funding source is the referendum bonds and the interest earned on those bonds. The District has two bond sale offerings, to comply with IRS spend-down rules. The first bond issue was sold right after the passage of the referendum. The second issue will not be sold until those funds have been expended, likely in 2026. 
  • State Maintenance Grant 
    During the term of the capital plan, the District has committed to applying any funds from the state Maintenance Grant to the Capital Fund.
  • Rebates for replacement of out-of-date lights, boilers, equipment
    As work is done to update electrical, lighting, and boilers, any rebates the District pursues and receives in connection to those updates, will be moved to the Capital Fund.
  • E-Rate Funds 
    As part of the capital update, the District is replacing and upgrading network wiring; some of that project is eligible for funding under the Federal E-Rate program. The District will deposit any funds it receives from the E-Rate program for those projects into the Capital Fund. 

View the Capital Fund Report - Updated May 2024