Heat relief

During the May, June, August, September and, sometimes, October heat, District 58 schools use their resources and building spaces wisely to provide relief to students and staff. District 58 is home to 11 neighborhood schools and two middle schools, and while each school’s physical space differs, in general our schools follow these procedures on hot days:

  • Classrooms rotate through designated cooling areas (each school’s air-conditioned spaces) throughout the school day. Thanks to staff flexibility and creativity, lessons can still be carried out in these alternate settings.
  • Classroom fans are turned on and windows are opened, to increase air circulation.
  • Teachers keep overhead lights dimmed and blinds drawn, when possible.
  • Students receive frequent water breaks and may carry their own water bottles.
  • School nurses and staff watch for any warning signs of heat distress.
  • Students are encouraged to limit exertion during outdoor recess activities.

District 58 will monitor the heat levels in our schools, and identify creative solutions to ensure our students and staff are safe and in an environment conducive to learning.

Did you know:

  • Before the school year begins, District 58 installs window air conditioning units in classrooms that serve students with health issues who require air conditioning.
  • District 58 has two fully air conditioned schools: El Sierra and Belle Aire. These schools both have an open-concept design. This open design means that individual classrooms lack windows for air circulation, necessitating air conditioning.
  • District 58’s non-fully air conditioned schools are 55-94 years old, and were built when air conditioning was not a standard feature. Adding a/c is a very costly undertaking, and buildings would require significant electrical service upgrades and other updates beyond the cost of a/c.
  • District 58 is placing a bond measure on the Nov. 8, 2022 ballot to issue $179 million in bonds to improve District 58's facilities. Adding air-conditioning and improving ventilation/air quality at all schools is included in this measure. Learn more