Foreign Language

District 58 offers a variety of Foreign Language learning experiences at the eighth grade level.

Many students participate in the Foreign Language Exploratory class. FLEX offers a brief introduction and exploration into the three foreign languages that are offered at District 99; French Spanish, and German. The basics of the alphabet, counting and greetings in each of the languages is covered.  Students learn general pronunciation skills, and identify the similarities and differences between the three foreign languages and English. Students also explore the importance and influence other cultures and languages have on our own language and culture, as well as gain an appreciation and respect for cultures other than their own.

District 58 provides eligible students the opportunity to participate in the course equivalent to District 99’s French 1 and Spanish 1. Students must meet school academic criteria as measured by performance in seventh grade. This course is a high school equivalency and students participate in District 99 final exams and have the opportunity to earn proficiency credit.