Reading and Language Arts

English-Language Arts (ELA) Core Curricular Resources

District 58 uses two core resources for ELA instruction. Benchmark Advance is used in kindergarten through fifth grade and Study Sync is used in sixth grade through eighth grade. Benchmark Advance is a comprehensive core literacy curriculum that blends whole group complex text and small group texts to engage readers in building phonological awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. StudySync is a complete rigorous ELA curriculum designed to meet the needs of every learner. Study Sync uses a variety of texts to build language and comprehension skills through reading, writing and research.

Benchmark Advance Grades K-5

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Study Sync Grades 6-8

Learn more about Study Sync’s comprehensive English Language Arts curriculum at their webpage,

The Domains of Common Core English-Language Arts

The Common Core State Standards in English-Language Arts focus on seven unique domains. Each domain is divided into several anchor standards which students must learn and master. In District 58, many students achieve grade level standards quickly and progress to standards above grade level. As such, our learning experiences are centered around the domains and anchor standards, allowing students to have learning experiences at their instructional level and promoting their growth within each domain and anchor standard. Please view the seven domains of Common Core English-Language Arts below.