District 58’s E-flyer Program helps us “go green” by permitting approved non-profit organizations to post flyers online instead of making and distributing thousands of paper copies. This saves everyone time, cost and work!

E-flyers are included in Communicate 58 newsletter and posted to this page. Communicate 58 comes out every other Wednesday, while school is in session. 

Interested in submitting an e-flyer? E-flyers should be submitted directly through the District 58 website. Click here to submit an e-flyer. 

Please note: District 58 follows all IDPH COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and asks its community partners to do so as well. Many of the flyers listed on this page were provided by non-profit organizations unaffiliated with District 58. While we hope all organizations follow current IDPH guidance, we are not responsible for making sure that guidelines are followed by outside groups. Please be cautious and continue to follow all IDPH health and safety guidance when participating in any activity.