Community/Staff Visioning Sessions

District 58 has had extensive community and staff involvement with its plans to add onto and upgrade its aging school buildings following the successful November 2022 referendum. 

At Visioning Sessions in winter 2023, followed by a Visioning Survey, parents, staff and community members voiced opinions on their priorities about design elements. They indicated that the work should:

  • Accommodate flexibility so the buildings can be useful if demands and priorities change in the future
  • Foster choice and independence in students so they can follow their passions
  • Promote safe and sustainable environments
  • Create warm and welcoming spaces to learn with natural light and color choices
  • Honor tradition with timeless spaces and not passing fads.

Feedback from community

Winter 2023

District 58 held two Facility Visioning Sessions on Monday, Jan. 30. One session was intended for staff, the other for community members. View the photo gallery. Both meetings followed this format:

Superintendent Dr. Kevin Russell and the District's architect and construction management team gave a District 58 Facility Visioning presentation. The presentation shared an overview of work planned, the targeted work timeline, and visual ideas for seven different topics.

Guests participated in three 15-minute rotational feedback sessions led by District 58 administrators on the seven topics from the initial presentation. Those topics were:

  • School Entrances & Offices
  • Middle School Libraries
  • Middle School Science Labs
  • Middle School Gym/Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Core Instructional Spaces
  • Middle School FACS Labs/Cafeterias
  • Middle School Parking/Traffic

Administrators shared conversation highlights with the full group.

Following the meetings District 58 posted the Facility Visioning Session Presentation and is administered the Facility Visioning Follow-up Survey. This survey was open to all District 58 stakeholders.