Reporting Methods

District 58 uses a variety of tools to support student and parent understanding of student progress. Three times per year, each student in grades K-8 receives a standards-based report card to provide information on their progress in relationship to the Illinois Learning Standards and the Common Core State Standards. Preschool students also receive a report card three times per year.

The District’s Report Card Committee (which began in January 2016) has reviewed the ways District 58 communicates student progress to parents. The committee considered best practices, parent survey input,  research on assessment and student reporting, and sample report cards from local schools, among other resources.

Beginning in the fall of 2017, all students in preschool through 8th grade will be assessed using a standards-based reporting system, with the addition of traditional letter grades assigned in core content areas beginning in fourth grade. All report cards will continue to assess a student’s proficiency toward each learning standard, using a 3-point scale (3- proficient; 2- progressing; 1- area of concern).

The committee also developed a resource document for each grade level that is available to parents and teachers. The resource document serves to provide parents with more specific information regarding each learning standard listed on the report card. The document will also support teachers as they plan for instruction and assessment. In addition, the committee recognized the importance of assessing and sharing information on non-academic skills, such as demonstrating respect and a commitment to learning. These learner behaviors will also be included on the revised report card.

In addition to the quarterly district report card, parents receive a variety of reports derived from students’ participation in standardized assessments. These are listed as follows:

Kindergarten and First Grade Students: AIMSweb Reports, NWEA MAP Math, NWEA MAP Reading
Second Grade Students: AIMSweb Reports (for eligible students), NWEA MAP Language Usage, NWEA MAP Math, NWEA MAP Reading, NWEA MAP Math – Spanish (Biliteracy)
Third, Fourth, Sixth and Seventh Grade Students:  AIMSweb Reports (for eligible students), PARCC Math, PARCC Reading, NWEA MAP Language Usage, NWEA MAP Math, and NWEA MAP Reading
Fifth and Eighth Grade Students: AIMSweb Reports (for eligible students), PARCC Math, PARCC Reading, ISBE Science, NWEA MAP Language Usage, NWEA MAP Math, and NWEA MAP Reading