Report Cards

District 58 Reporting Methods

District 58 uses a variety of tools to support student and parent understanding of student progress. Three times per year, each student in grades K-8 receives a standards-based report card to provide information on their progress in relationship to the Illinois Learning Standards and the Common Core State Standards. Preschool students also receive a report card three times per year. Learn more about reporting methods.

Standards Based Report Card in District 58

District 58 uses a standards-based report card. Its purpose is to provide feedback to parents and students regarding the student’s achievement toward the specific learning standards at his/her grade level at a given point in time.  District 58 values regular communication with all parents in a variety of formats including but not limited to conferences, phone calls and digital communication.  The report card is only one of the many valuable communications to parents regarding student progress, achievement and growth; the information contained in the quarterly report card ultimately summarizes the information that has been shared with parents over the course of the quarter of instruction.

Report Card Samples and Resource Documents

Below you will find draft versions of grade level report cards and resource documents.

Resource Document Sample
Kindergarten Report Card Resource Document Kindergarten Report Card Sample
1st Grade Report Card Resource Document 1st Grade Report Card Sample
2nd Grade Report Card Resource Document 2nd Grade Report Card Sample
3rd Grade Report Card Resource Document 3rd Grade Report Card Sample
4th Grade Report Card Resource Document 4th Grade Report Card Sample
5th Grade Report Card Resource Document 5th Grade Report Card Sample
6th Grade Report Card Resource Document 6th Grade Report Card Sample
7th Grade Report Card Resource Document 7th Grade Report Card Sample
8th Grade Report Card Resource Document 8th Grade Report Card Sample