Superintendent’s Staff Communications Council

The Superintendent’s Staff Communication Council will work on the following objectives:

  • Objective 2.1c: Enhance internal communications to build employee trust and morale by informing employees of District planning, decisions, improvement efforts and celebrations.
  • Objective 2.2a: Provide parents, staff and other stakeholders opportunities to participate in District decision-making processes.
  • Objective 2.2b: Provide parents opportunities for education and collaboration.


  • This group does not have any meetings scheduled for 2020-21.


  • Dr. Kari Cremascoli, Chair and Superintendent
  • Dr. Jayne Yudzentis, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel
  • Megan Hewitt, Community Relations Coordinator
  • Tara Fulton, Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • Brad Linko, Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • Kristen Steiner, Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • Sue Anderson, Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • Pat Szczurek, Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • Cheryl Lyons, Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • Mary Loversky, Elementary Librarian
  • Emily Honn, Instructional Assistant/DGESP
  • Angie Rybarczyk, Custodian/DGCMA
  • Jason Suchy, Custodian/DGCMA
  • Jackelyn Cadard, Preschool Coordinator