Select 58 Awards

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The Education Foundation of Downers Grove District 58 invites all eighth graders attending Herrick and O’Neill middle schools to consider applying for a Select 58 Recognition Award.

Select 58 annually recognizes students who exhibit outstanding service and citizenry to their school and community. Fifty-eight students – 29 from Herrick and 29 from O’Neill – will receive this honor. All students are eligible to apply for the honor, as long as they are passing their classes. 

Click here to apply for the Select 58 Award.

The application is due Monday, March 21. It must be completed in one sitting and asks students to provide the following information:

  • Basic student contact information and a photo for the Select 58 video 
  • Examples of the following projects/good deeds: 
    • A list of 0-5 school service and/or community service projects that the student participated in during sixth, seventh and/or eighth grades, along with the impact these projects had on the student and/or student’s school/community
    • A list of 0-3 school and/or community activities (non-service-related) that the student participated in during sixth, seventh and/or eighth grades, along with the impact these activities had on the community.
    • A list of 0-3 acts of kindness or good deeds that the student completed in sixth, seventh or eighth grades, along with the impact of these deeds.
    • Note: Applicants must submit at least one example total, but are encouraged to share as many examples as possible.
  • A short essay answering the question, “Why is service to your community important to you?”
  • Basic parent/guardian contact information and approvals

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that students have had limited opportunities for service and citizenry over the past two years. As a result, the application asks students to consider projects and activities that they’ve participated in during sixth, seventh and/or eighth grades (instead of just eighth grade), and it also permits students to share good deeds and acts of kindness.

A panel of judges unaffiliated with each middle school will evaluate applications based on the importance of the activities/projects listed. Judges will determine how the activities benefitted the student, school and community.  Student names will remain confidential and not viewed by judges. The top-scoring 29 applicants for each middle school will receive the Select 58 Recognition Award.

Award applicants will receive an email on Friday, April 15 to inform them of whether they received the Select 58 Award. Award recipients will also receive an invitation to the 2022 Select 58 Award Ceremony, which will take place on Wednesday, May 11 at Herrick Middle School. Event details will be included in the invitation.

In addition, all Select 58 recipients will be celebrated in a video, and they will be publicly announced during the Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony. Recipients will also receive 1-2 small gift cards to a local restaurant/ice cream shop.

Before a student submits his or her Select 58 application, the application will ask the student’s parent or guardian to review it and confirm that the information is accurate, to the best of their knowledge. The application also requests parent/guardian permission for District 58 to use the student’s photo in the celebratory Select 58 video, should the student receive the award.   

For questions about Select 58, please contact Herrick Principal Dr. David Norman at 630-719-5810 or, or O’Neill Principal Matt Durbala at 630-719-5815 or