Earth Day

Earth Month is an opportunity that our schools and teachers take to raise awareness around issues impacting our planet and how to better take care of the earth. Here is a photo of Henry Puffer kindergarteners and 6th grade buddies cleaning up the area around the school. Students also celebrated Arbor Day by learning about trees from the Village of Downers Grove and the DG Garden Club, which invited the students to help plant a Swamp White Oak near the school. Most schools had an activity for students to complete each day of Earth Week. At Belle Aire, students played Earth Day bingo. Pierce Downer held a puzzle exchange and encouraged students to bike or walk to school and pack a waste-free lunch. Some Hillcrest students went on a nature Scavenger Hunt and played recycle bowling. The Grove Preschool students used their imaginations to recycle items for play. See more photos of Earth Day activities and learning.