Reading Games 2023

More than five hundred students participated in the 2023 District 58 Reading Games, a fun yearly competition designed to get kids excited about reading. Thanks to Reading Games committee members Shannon Cleary, Amy Hancock, Deanna Horner, Margaret Geise, Tia Nash, Jill Schwartzers, Katie Suva and Jessie Warmbir who organized this year’s event, held Feb. 25 at O’Neill. This year, there were 81 teams competing and 240 parents, guardians and teachers volunteering at the Games.

Each team participated in three rounds, competing against a different team in each round by responding to trivia-style question about books on the reading list. The Rainbow Readers team from Fairmount School won the morning competition; the Hex Libris team from Henry Puffer school won the afternoon session. Congratulations! But the real win, say the organizers, is getting students to read more and to enjoy reading. The Games is an exciting tradition in District 58 that exposes students to different genres, series, authors and topics that they may not choose for themselves.

Check out photos from this year’s competition.