District 58 celebrates Downers Grove Civic Center groundbreaking

District 58 celebrated the groundbreaking of the Downers Grove Civic Center on the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 6 with the Village of Downers Grove and several community partners.

The future Downers Grove Civic Center will house District 58, the Village of Downers Grove and the Downers Grove Police Department. The center will be built where the current Village Hall’s parking lot is located. The Village will own the property, and District 58 will sign a 50-year lease. District 58 will pay the construction costs for only the additional square footage and parking required to accommodate District staff. This combined use of resources will save District 58, and the community, millions of dollars. Additionally, the new building will include sustainable measures that will result in significant energy cost savings going forward. 

Learn more about the new Civic Center at https://youtu.be/a7WC6nFtB9c