Henry Puffer service projects spread holiday cheer

The Henry Puffer Student Council and PTA teamed up Dec. 10 to host their first ever Stocking Stuffing event to benefit Sharing Connections. The school asked students and families to donate household items for this service project during the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving. On Dec. 10, families eagerly filled 145 stocking with these essential goods!! What an amazing accomplishment!

In addition, families could create greeting cards for the elderly who reside at a nearby retirement community. Hot cocoa and cookies were served.

In other 58 Doing Good news, the Henry Puffer Student Council recently hosted a pajamas spirit day. Students could pay $1 to wear PJs to schools. With the money raised through their fundraiser, the Student Coucnil was able to donate one large toy with each stocking!!

In addition to all the kindness that was shown that evening, and leading up to it, word traveled about the good things that were happening at Henry Puffer School all the way to Indiana! Dr. Chuck Dietzen, a pediatric rehabilitation doctor, wanted to help Henry Puffer spread kindness and gave a large donation to our student council. This will be put toward doing more kind acts!

Photos and information contributed by Henry Puffer Sixth Grade Teacher/Student Council Sponsor Julie Batkiewicz.