Water Testing

In 2017, the State passed Public Act 099-092, a law that requires schools constructed before 2000 and occupied by preschool through fifth grade students to test its potable water sources for lead. Potable water sources include drinking fountains, classroom faucets and sinks used for food preparation in buildings occupied by children under first grade. District 58 is diligent about providing a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff and went beyond the law requirements to complete testing at all schools in fall 2017. Results were reported to parents and staff and posted below. Water fixtures with any level of lead were remediated by removing or shutting off the fixture, replacing parts, or adding a filter, among other strategies. The District continues to go beyond what the law requires in order to ensure that our school buildings have safe, potable water. In fall 2018, these fixtures were retested and results were shared with families and staff and posted below. Fixtures were remediated or service was shut off to water fixtures with lead levels at or above 5 ppb. 

District 58 remains commited to a safe and healthy learning environment. As part of this commitment, District 58 conducted voluntary water testing at all schools in June 2021, while schools were still occupied. The results were posted below and shared with each individual school community. District 58 remediated any issues found and completed all remediation work prior to the first day of school in 2021. Again, in June 2023, the District conducted voluntary water testing of all schools and have posted the results below. Any issues identified will be remediated and/or closed off to public access. The District’s goal is always to provide school building occupants with an adequate supply of safe, potable water.

District 58 has currently met all regulations and will continue to do periodic water testing.  Additional information on lead in water can be found from the EPA, the CDC, and the Illinois Department of Public Health. Those with additional questions about water testing may contact District 58’s Director of Buildings and Grounds Kevin Barto at 630-719-5858 for more information.

2022-23 school year results

2020-21 school year results

2018-19 school year results

Summary: The only fixtures that tested above 5 ppb at any school were sinks not typically used for drinking or bottle filling.

2017-18 school year results