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All interested bidders must send the company contact information via email to Katie Hannigan, Manager of Business Services, at This information will be used to communicate bid addendums when necessary.  Bid addendums will also be posted on this page below the original bid document.


Closed Bids:

  • General Supply Bid 2021-2022 I Editable Supply List
    • General Supply Addendum
  • Art Supply Bid 2021-2022 I Editable Supply List
    • Art Supply Addendum
  • Roof Replacement at Pierce Downer
  • Mechanical Upgrades at Pierce Downer
  • Asbestos Abatement Bid at Henry Puffer and O'Neill l Abatement Addendum
  • Flooring Installation Bid at Henry Puffer and O'Neill l Flooring Installation Addendum
  • Snowplowing Bid
  • Highland Flooring Replacement I Flooring Specifications I Flooring IFB I Highland Flooring Addendum
  • Landscaping Bid I Mowing Maps I Landscape Addendum 5.26.20 I Landscape Addendum #2 5.29.20
  • El Sierra Playground Renovations I El Sierra Specifications I El Sierra IFB
  • El Sierra Addendum – Instructions for bidders
  • Miscellaneous Painting I Building Maps
  • Truck Sale Bid
  • Playground Renovations I Lester/Puffer Specs I Lester IFB I Puffer IFB
  • Playgrounds Addendum #1 2/24/2020 I Playgrounds Addendum #2 3/2/2020
  • Paper Bid I Editable Paper List
  • Art Supply Bid I Editable Art List
  • General Supply Bid I Editable General Supplies List

Bid Recaps

Bid Archive – 2019 Bids


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