How does District 58's referendum address special education services?

District 58 offers a wide continuum of special education services to help students achieve academically, develop socially and emotionally, and become independent, lifelong learners. If District 58’s referendum passes, the District would be able to make improvements that would benefit students with special needs, including:

  • Adding American with Disabilities Act (ADA) signage
  • Adding new middle school bleachers that comply with ADA
  • Replacing or updating door hardware to comply with ADA
  • Adding some automatic push-button doors to the middle school additions
  • Making ADA-compliant updates to targeted bathrooms at each school
  • Installing air-conditioning and improving air quality and ventilation; having a temperature-controlled environment will benefit all students, but especially those with sensory disabilities.
  • Updating fire alarm systems; the new systems may include some assistive technology elements (i.e. visual strobes, audio voice component)
  • Updating middle school science labs and family & consumer science classrooms; these updates would be designed to provide more space for students who use wheelchairs; in addition the updated science labs would also include a lab station designed for students who use wheelchairs.

In addition:

  • The middle schools would reconfigure their front offices to group the administration and student support service offices together. This change will allow all students, including students with special needs, efficient access to mental health and other support services.
  • District 58 aims to keep as many students with special needs in-district as possible. In recent years, the District has opened new, specialized classrooms and programs, which often require a smaller teacher-to-student ratio. By moving sixth grade to the middle school, some elementary schools will have additional space to accommodate new specialized programs. 
  • If District 58 has any open classrooms after sixth grade moves to the middle school, District 58 can rent these spaces to SASED. SASED is the local special education cooperative that serves DuPage County students with special needs that require services beyond what District 58 can provide internally. Many District 58 students attend SASED programs. By renting a space to SASED, District 58 will not only be able to host more in-district students in their home school district, it will also generate revenue through SASED’s rent payments.