Facility Publications

Please learn more about District 58's referendum and facility planning by viewing the District's related communications:

Fall 2022 Mailers: In September and October 2022, District 58 sent two mailers to all registered voters. The first provided information on the informational open houses. The second provided an overview of the referendum proposal. 

2. Annual Report: In August 2022, District 58 published its Annual Report and included a four-page section highlighting District 58's 2022 referendum, facility planning and finances. Please view pages 8-11 of the 2022 District 58 Annual Report to learn more. (Click here to view the Annual Report in PDF format.)

3. Winter 2022 Mailers: In February and March, District 58 sent all District 58 registered voters three mailers with information regarding our facility needs and a potential proposal to address these needs.

Please note: as shared on the Tax Impact page, in winter 2022, District 58 projected that the proposal's tax impact would be 0.23 cents. Given the uniqueness of the current bond market, in August 2022 District 58 recalculated the property tax impact and updated its projection to 0.25. The new projection would increase District 58’s property tax rate from $1.98 to $2.23 (0.25). The documents linked above were published in winter 2022 and reflect the projected 0.23 cent tax increase.

In addition, thanks to community input provided at the March facility community information meetings, there have been changes to the referendum plans that were outlined in the mailers linked above. For one example, a new, larger main gym was added to O'Neill's plan. While the above documents may be used as reference, please view more current materials for the most updated information.

4. Meetings: District 58 hosted four Facility Community Information Meetings in March 2022 and two Referendum Informational Open Houses in October 2022. The meetings/open houses included a presentation, tour and Q&A opportunity.