Facility Community Engagement

District 58’s facility proposal was developed with significant input from the community, particularly over the past five years.  Here is a brief overview of facility planning milestones and community engagement:

  • 2012: Comprehensive Facility Assessment Report developed
  • 2016: Demographer Report completed
  • 2017-18: Strategic planning initiative developed by the community
  • September 2018: Strategic Plan approved, includes a 10-step facility planning process
  • 2018-19: Facility Planning Council work (comprises staff, community members and architect)
  • December 2018- February 2019: Staff and Community Facility Visioning Sessions
  • May 2019: Staff and Community Facility Planning Community Engagement Sessions
  • Summer 2019: Draft Master Facility Plan presented
  • Fall 2019: Citizen Task Force forms
  • December 2019-March 2020: Citizen Task Force meets three times, provides feedback
  • March 2020: Board of Education approves public engagement initiative
  • March 2020-June 2021: Facility planning pauses due to pandemic
  • July 2021: Citizen Task Force reconvenes, recommends District 58 proceed with work
  • Fall 2021: Board of Education accepted the Citizen Task Force’s recommendation to move forward 
  • Winter 2022: Community input meetings (tour, presentation, Q&A format)
  • Spring 2022: Phone, mail and online survey
  • June 2022: Survey results presented, Board discusses potential referendum
  • August 2022: Board approves a resolution to add a bond measure to the November 2022 ballot
  • Fall 2022: Informational referendum open houses/presentations/tours held at both middle schools; informational flyers mailed to residents
  • Plus: Frequent facility updates at public Board of Education meetings; The District also sought facility feedback from its other stakeholder groups.

Many of the questions listed in District 58’s Facility FAQ page were first asked by community members. 

Please click here to view the results from the District’s community phone, mail and online surveys.