Summer construction changes: Playground access and school office relocations

Summer construction updates in orange text over blue background

With construction occurring at six District 58 schools this summer, there will be closed playground areas and school office relocations.

Playground Notice:
District 58 is asking for parents’ help in discouraging students and families from accessing school yards under construction. These include Herrick and O’Neill Middle Schools as well as Phase I elementary schools: Henry Puffer, Highland, Hillcrest and Whittier.

However, District 58 understands that families want to access playgrounds at the elementary sites. Here are details on each of the four schools and their playgrounds:

  • Henry Puffer – The southeast or primary level playground will be closed; the north or intermediate playground will remain open.
  • Highland – Playground is closed.
  • Hillcrest – Playground is open; please access it from Dunham Road.
  • Whittier – Intermediate playground will be closed. The west or primary level playground remains open.

School Office Relocations:

Because of construction this summer, the school offices at the six buildings under construction will be moved temporarily to the following schools beginning at noon on May 31. Phone numbers will remain the same. Please note that all school offices close for the summer on June 6 and are scheduled to re-open on Tuesday, July 30.

  • Henry Puffer – offices move to Belle Aire, 3935 Belle Aire Ln.
  • Highland – offices move to Belle Aire, 3935 Belle Aire Ln.
  • Hillcrest – offices move to Kingsley, 6509 Powell St.
  • Whittier – offices move to Lester, 236 Indianapolis Ave.
  • Herrick – offices move to Pierce Downer, 1436 Grant St.
  • O’Neill – offices move to Fairmount, 6036 Blodgett Ave.

School and District summer office schedule:

School offices will close for the summer on Thursday, June 6 and reopen to the community on Tuesday, July 30. For those who need to register, or if you have other questions, please call the District office at 630-719-5800. 

Please note that the District office begins summer hours the week of June 10 and will be closed on Fridays. District summer hours are Monday-Thursday from 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Regular work hours begin the week of July 22.