Returning iPads and Chromebooks at end-of-year

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The following are important instructions about returning district-issued iPads, Chromebooks and accessories at the end of the year.

Grades K-6

Students in grades K-6 will return their district-issued iPads and iPad accessories to school on Friday, May 24. 

Please follow the below steps and ensure your child turns in his or her iPad, iPad case and charger (block and cable) on time.

1. Back-up data (optional). While returning students will likely receive the same iPad if it is in good condition, it is always a good idea to back-up all essential content before turning your iPad in. Please back up any content you want to preserve on your child’s device before turning it in. While it is optional to back up content, it is the only way to save the work your child has produced on his or her device. Need help? Check out these helpful resources:

How to organize and back up your iPad data
How to upload photos and videos to Google Drive

2. Charge your iPad completely.

iPads should always be kept in district-issued iPad cases; please ensure that the iPad is returned in the case. 

3. Submit your child’s iPad, iPad case, and charger to his or her classroom teacher.

Grade 7

Students in grade 7 who are already registered for next school year may keep their district-issued Chromebooks over the summer. Students in grade 7 who have not registered and/or who will not be returning to District 58 next school year should turn in their Chromebooks and chargers via the same schedule as eighth graders below.

Grade 8

Students in grade 8 should return their district-issued Chromebooks via the following schedule:

O’Neill: 7th period class on Friday, May 24
Herrick: SSP class on Friday, May 24

For Chromebooks, backing up content is not necessary. However, eighth-grade students and other students leaving the District may be interested in preserving some of their content, as they will lose access to their District 58 accounts over the summer. Here is some information on how to transfer Google Data to a personal account.

Summer School students

Students participating in Summer School will turn in their devices following the procedures listed above. This district will make devices available during summer school. 

If you have any questions regarding the iPad return process, please contact our Technology Office at 630-719-2768.