Herrick advanced math students excel at state contest

Students with certificates and words congratulations overlayed

Advanced Math students at Herrick had an impressive showing at the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics State Math Contest earlier this winter. 

At the Eighth Grade level, Herrick Middle School placed 2nd among 47 middle schools.

Herrick’s top two teams consisted of: Team 1 earned a perfect score. They consisted of Charlie Gilbert, Lucas Zhao, Saara Raheja and Zachary Wessels. Team 2 tied 18 out of 20 points. Members were Lily Zdebski, Tala Nehme, Owen Henrikson, and Rian Patel, Nina Gowda, Chloe Coyne, Ashlee Edelman, Andi Donat, Charlie Lee, Viktor Lee, Jacob Ungeran, Carter Lewis and Eden Stava.

On the individual side of the competition, the following students were recognized for having perfect scores: Grayson Paris, Asha Gigani, Weston Ittner, Isla Harris, Johnny Vlahos, Brendan Eddington, Nina Gowda, Jocelyn Nifong, Saara Raheja, Lily Zdebski and Lucas Zhao.

At the Seventh Grade level, Herrick placed 7th among 47 middle schools.

The top Seventh Grade teams were: Team 1 (17 out of 20 points): Ryan Yaman, Rylan Rojas, Alex Silverman, Parker Salzmann, Calder Thurston

Team 2 (17 out of 20 points): Kaleb Stein, Julien Rios, Matthew Ungeran

On the individual side of the competition, the following students were recognized for perfect scores: Alex Silverman, Roshan Reddy, Sam Ganesan, Alex Sherlag and Aaron Rauch.

The ICTM contest spans from November through April and each competition consists of three two-part timed rounds. Each round has an individual as well as a team component. The students are in classes taught by math teachers Julie Remus, Daniel Dvoracek and Andrew Schmidt.

Congratulations, Herrick Mathematicians!