Welcome back message from Dr. Russell

Photo of superintendent on blue background

Dear District 58 Families,

I hope this letter finds you well and that you are enjoying the final weeks of summer. The District has been very busy preparing for the upcoming school year. The District Office staff have been working hard this summer as have the custodians, especially during some grueling hot days. As always, the buildings look great and we are ready for our staff and students to return. Below are some of the highlights of this summer’s work.

  • Embracing continuous improvement via Cycles of Inquiry for school improvement planning
  • Reviewing and analyzing 2022-23 data using our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for achievement and growth
  • Positive psychology training (called Orange Frog) for approximately 50 additional staff members (see story in this edition)
  • Construction projects at several schools (playgrounds, flooring, masonry, room reconfigurations, fire alarm panels, etc.)
  • ALICE safety instructor training for the administrative team (see story in this edition)
  • Planning for the first phase of referendum projects and finalizing the initial round of bid packets that will go out this fall
  • Collaborating with the Village of Downers Grove on our new administrative center that will be located in the new Civic Center
  • Welcoming new administrators to the District Office and middle schools
  • Completing multiple sessions of summer school, preschool screening, and additional activities for students

I am very pleased to share that planning for the referendum construction continues to go well. This summer the District focused on as many projects outside of the referendum as possible so we can be ready to go with the major projects next spring. The next four summers at our schools will be filled with construction. We are excited about what the future holds as it is certainly something to celebrate. We thank you for your support and your collaboration in helping us reach new heights! 

As we head into the fall, the focus will be on celebrating and recognizing our students and staff, embracing continuous school improvement, and finalizing the new Strategic Plan. The five focus/goal areas for the Strategic Plan are listed below and we look forward to partnering with the staff and community to shape the next five years. These five areas were set by the Board in March and the staff and community established priorities for each when over 100 people gathered together in May.

  • Focusing on Learning (Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment) 
  • Securing the Future (Finance and Facilities) 
  • Connecting the Community (Relationships and Communications)
  • Building for Success (Implement new Pre-K-5, 6-8 models) 
  • Cultivating Talent (Maximizing the Potential of Students, Staff, and Families) 

In the Communicate 58 newsletter, you will find links that include other information regarding the opening week of schools. As always, principals will also share building-specific information.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer! We are very excited to see all of our staff and students return very soon. 



Dr. Kevin Russell