A message from Dr. Russell on Strategic Planning

Photo of Dr. Russell on blue background

Dear Friends of District 58,

I am so grateful for the many parents, staff and community members who joined us on Monday and Tuesday evenings to assist us in Strategic Planning. While it is a commitment of time away from your families, I am always amazed at the willingness of this community to support our schools. What I love about Strategic Planning is that it is a system that provides a focus for everyone to collaborate and work toward continuous improvement of our school system.

On Monday and Tuesday, the group of approximately 130 community members, parents, PTA representatives, staff, Board and administrators met in five groups aligned with the Five Key Areas of Focus:

  • Focusing on Learning (Curriculum & Instruction)
  • Connecting the Community (Relationships and Communications) 
  • Securing the Future (Finance and Facilities) 
  • Building for Success (Implement new K-5, 6-8 models) 
  • Cultivating Talent (Personnel, Stakeholders, Students) 

Each group reviewed results of the recent Strategic Planning survey and brainstormed strengths and challenges in their area and identified five key priorities to present to the larger group. Then the following evening, each group again discussed priorities in their areas and also ranked and prioritized the other focus areas. Over this summer, we will develop action plans based on those priorities and then present the Strategic Plan to the Board of Education at its October Curriculum Workshop. 

Whether you served on the committee or participated in the survey, we value your voices that together help us make a stronger school system for our students and families. The results of the survey will also be released at the workshop.

Again, thank you for your partnership.

Dr. Kevin Russell