Students advance to national PTA Reflections

PTA reflections poster

Congratulations to the four students who advanced to the National Level for their entries in the PTA Reflections competition and four students who earned State rankings in the contest. Through Reflections, District 58 students in K-8 grade are invited to submit works of art in six areas: dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. The theme for the 2022-23 program is “Show Your Voice!”

Advancing to National Level

  • El Sierra: 2nd grader Tyler Holmes (film) “You Too Can Be a Hero.”
  • Highland: 6th grader McKenna Blonn – (Dance) “Words.” 
  • Hillcrest: Kindergarten student, Teagan Holtrup’s (literature) “The Boy Hoo Toks Olot (The Boy Who Talks A Lot).”
  • Lester: 5th grader George Onken (film) “A Kid Who Showed His Voice – Ryan White.” 

Receiving State Honorable Mention

  • Whittier: 1st grader Elin Carlson (photography) “A Whisper in the Ear”
  • Highland: 5th grader Naya James (visual arts) “Blossoming Voices.”
  • Fairmount: 1st grader Jessica Fischer (literature) “The Forgetful Wedding.”
  • Hillcrest: 5th grader Keira O’Donoghue (dance choreography) “Listen.”