Board Preview: Dec. 12 Regular Meeting

board preview December 2021

The District 58 Board of Education will hold a Regular Business Meeting on Monday, Dec. 12, 2022 at 7 p.m. at Downers Grove Village Hall, 801 Burlington Ave. The public may also view the meeting remotely, via the Village of Downers Grove’s YouTube page. After the meeting has concluded, the Village will process the video and send it to District 58 to be posted on the District’s YouTube channel.

The meeting agenda covers many topics, including:

  • A truth-in-taxation tax levy hearing and recommendation to adopt the 2022 Certificate of Levy in the amount of $66.315 million.
  • An El Sierra presentation.
  • A spotlight on capital planning and post-referendum next steps.
  • A recommendation to approve the fiscal year 2022 audit report.
  • A recommendation to approve a three-year contract with Navigate 360 to provide ALICE safety training.
  • A recommendation to approve a three-year contract with Raptor to provide the Raptor Visitor Management System.
  • A recommendation to approve individual donation agreements with the Kingsley, Pierce Downer, Indian Trail and Belle Aire PTAs to each be used to help rebuild their respective playgrounds.
  • A recommendation to approve playground equipment for Lester, Kingsley, Belle Aire and Indian Trail with BCI Burke and for Pierce Downer with Landscape Structures.
  • A recommendation to approve a middle school topographical survey proposal with DLZ Surveyors.

To view all Board meeting topics, view the agenda.

How to make a public comment during the meeting:

The Board encourages public comment from the community. There will be an opportunity for in-person visitors to make a public comment. Members of the public may communicate with the Board at any time by emailing

View more information about these and all Board meeting topics in the Board agenda at