2022-23 District 58 family handbook now available

handbook 22-23

Dear District 58 Parents and Guardians,

District 58 annually provides students and families with the Schools of 58: A Handbook for Families. Please review this important handbook with your child, as it offers an overview of the District’s policies, procedures, resources and student expectations. 

Handbook links:

During the first full week of school, District 58 will send home a packet of information with your child. This packet will include a handbook receipt that asks parents/guardians to acknowledge that they and their child reviewed and understood the Schools of 58: A Handbook for Families. When you receive the handbook receipt, please sign it and return it either with your child or at Curriculum Night. Handbook receipts are due by your school’s Curriculum Night.

This year’s handbook is only available electronically. If you need a print copy, please contact your school office, and they can print you a copy.

District 58 highly values two-way communication between families and staff. If you have a question about District 58 that cannot be answered in the Schools of 58, I invite you to visit the District’s website at www.dg58.org or reach out to your child’s teacher, principal or Superintendent Dr. Kevin Russell (at 630-719-5800). We are happy to assist you! 


Megan Hewitt
Community Relations Coordinator