Board Preview: June 13, 2022

board preview june 2022

The District 58 Board of Education will hold a Regular Business Meeting on Monday, June 13, 2022 at 7 p.m. at Downers Grove Village Hall, 801 Burlington Ave. The public may also view the meeting remotely, via the Village of Downers Grove’s YouTube page. After the meeting has concluded, the Village will process the video and send it to District 58 to be posted on the District’s YouTube channel.

The meeting agenda covers many topics, including:

  • A spotlight on spring assessment data and key performance indicators #1, #2 and #3
  • A discussion on District 58’s potential referendum
  • A recommendation to approve the 2022-2026 Downers Grove Educational Support Personnel contract
  • A recommendation to appoint Todd Drafall as school treasurer and to approve the surety bond of treasurer
  • Approval of the personnel report, which, among other items, will include the 2022-27 administrator handbook, 2022-24 technology staff handbook and 2022-24 exempt support staff handbook
  • A recommendation to approve the 2022-23 Board of Education meeting calendar 
  • A recommendation to approve key performance indicators # 1-2: Student Achievement and Student Growth
  • A recommendation to award the bid for specific stop-loss insurance coverage to Voya for $1,653,738.40 for the 2022-23 fiscal year
  • Recommendations to purchase the following insurance coverages for a total cost of $476,595:
    • School Package Policy—Property & Liability: Liberty Mutual 
    • Business Automobile: Liberty Mutual
    • Umbrella: Liberty Mutual
    • Fiduciary Liability: Chubb
    • Workers’ Compensation: ENCOVA 
    • Cyber Liability: Corvus
  • A recommendation to approve the copier maintenance and lease contract with Proven IT for $17,794.02 per month for five years
  • A recommendation to approve a food service contract with Aramark with reimbursable lunch priced at $3.1256 and milk priced at $0.4019 for the 2022-23 school year
  • A recommendation to purchase 30 Macbook Airs and 30 iPads for staff for $32,190
  • A recommendation to purchase 500 Lenovo 300e Chromebooks with included Google device licenses for middle school students for a total cost of $177,320 from CDW-G
  • A recommendation to designate two American Disinfectant sprayers, 3,500 sixth generation iPads and 300 HP laserjet printers as surplus equipment 

To view all Board meeting topics, view the agenda.

How to make a public comment during the meeting:

The Board encourages public comment from the community. There will be an opportunity for in-person visitors to make a public comment. Members of the public may communicate with the Board at any time by emailing

View more information about these and all Board meeting topics in the Board agenda at