Meredith Williams Foundation supports District 58 students

meredith williams foundation supports district 58

Retired O’Neill Teacher Jim Williams publishes third book; all proceeds benefit Meredith Williams Foundation

The donations come quietly, but with great care and purpose. $250 for art supplies. $300 for social work supplies. $500 for jump ropes. $1,200 for heart monitors and $600 for water bottles and awards. These are just a few of the most recent donations that the Meredith Williams Foundation provided District 58. The foundation is led by two retired District 58 teachers, Jim and Pam Williams, and is named in memory of their daughter Meredith Williams, who died suddenly in 2010.

“District 58 has benefited from the incredible generosity of Jim and Pam Williams and the Meredith Williams Foundation for 10 years,” said Superintendent Dr. Kevin Russell. “Jim and Pam are both beloved fixtures in our District 58 community, and I am so grateful for their continued support.”

Mr. Williams recently published his third photography and writing book, “Searching for Sweet Home: The Goodness Before Your Eyes.” It features 144 beautiful photographs and 21 short essays reflecting on, as the title states, the goodness before your eyes. The Meredith Williams Foundation is funded primarily by proceeds from Jim Williams’ books; all proceeds from this book will support the foundation, which in turn benefits District 58 schools and other area programs.

Jim and Pam Williams moved to Alabama a few years ago; however, Mr. Williams is quick to add: “This is not a book about Alabama. “Searching for Sweet Home” is about our true home, ourselves, and the goodness that permeates our lives. It’s a book of gratitude, adventure, human spirit and courage.  A book of building relationships, slowing down and finding the meaning of life.”

Stunning photography is linked with thoughtful prose that encourages everyone to take a closer look at what it means to be ‘good.’ The images speak with soft and gentle voices that call attention to some of the finest hopes we should have for ourselves and each other.

“Searching for Sweet Home” is available at Anderson’s Bookstore in Downers Grove and online at and on Amazon.

This is Mr. Williams’ third book. The first, “High Altitude Paradise”, is the product of his 34-year vision quest to photograph all the lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park. His second book, “Wisdom from the Wilderness”, sent him traveling across the U.S. for life lessons from the wilderness. 

To date, the Meredith Williams Foundation has funded over 175 projects, many of which supported District 58. Mr. Williams taught science for 30 years at O’Neill Middle School. Mrs. Williams taught for 30 years at Hillcrest. Meredith Williams was a student at Fairmount, O’Neill and Downers Grove South High School.

The Meredith Williams Foundation is a 501 3 (c) charitable organization.  Building this foundation enables Mr. and Mrs. Williams to share their daughter’s spirit and loving nature with children of the Downers Grove area. Learn more at