COVID-19 testing update

covid-19 testing program update

Dear Staff and Families,

District 58 is committed to offering testing to our families and staff as a way to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. As you are aware, District 58 and other surrounding districts have partnered with Northshore Clinical Labs to provide this service. The District was recently informed that the testing program is ready to start. However, Northshore also informed the District that the federal funds the organization uses to make this a free program for all are no longer available. While they believe the funds will be made available in the future, there are no guarantees. The program can still move forward, but will have to be run through individuals’ health insurance providers. The organization would still be able to provide assistance to those who are unable to afford private health insurance through different funding sources.

Since we were just notified of this change, District 58 has requested that we meet with Northshore to learn more about the impact this change can have on our staff and families. As a reminder, this testing is completely voluntary. We hope to have more information to our staff and families as soon as possible.


Dr. Kevin B. Russell
Superintendent of Schools