Bus routes now available

bus routes district 58

Dear District 58 Families,

If your child is a bus rider, you may now access 2021-22 general education bus routes online at www.dg58.org/family-resources/bus-routes or on your PowerSchool parent account (instructions are on the bus route webpage). If you signed up for bus service and your bus stop is missing or inaccurate on PowerSchool, please do two things:

1. Look at your school’s bus routes and determine the closest stop to your house. Your child should use that stop and will be allowed on the bus.

2. Please email or call your school office and let them know. We will be working with the bus company to update PowerSchool student accounts with the correct bus route and stop.

In addition, specialized bus routes have been directly communicated with families whose children ride these routes.

District 58 requests that students please arrive at their bus stops a few minutes early during the first weeks of school. As bus drivers get acquainted with new routes, it is likely that some routes may run early or late, and we may adjust bus stop times as needed. Any student who arrives late due to a delayed bus will be excused. We appreciate your patience and flexibility! 

District 58 runs more than 90 bus routes. While most bus routes have an assigned driver, there are a few specialized routes that currently cannot be run due to a driver shortage. All affected families have already been contacted, and the District is working diligently with its transportation providers to find solutions. If you are seeking work, please consider applying to be a bus driver. Visit https://www.sunrisebus.com/careers, select the “Naperville, IL” bus driver position, and note “Downers Grove District 58” in the comment section of the job application.