Education Foundation honors eighth grade Select 58 Award recipients for their commitment to service

Education Foundation honors eighth grade Select 58 Award recipients for their commitment to service

The Education Foundation of Downers Grove School District 58 proudly announces this year’s Select 58 Award recipients. The Select 58 program annually recognizes 58 eighth graders (29 from Herrick and 29 from O’Neill) who provide outstanding service to their school and community. View this short video celebrating this year’s Select 58 recipients!

“Congratulations to our 2021 Select 58 recipients!” said Superintendent Dr. Kevin Russell. “I am very proud of your commitment to school and community service throughout your middle school years, and I hope you continue making service a priority throughout high school. I wish you all the best!”

This spring, Herrick and O’Neill eighth graders were invited to apply for the prestigious Select 58 Award by completing an application that asked them to describe their school and community service activities and by writing an essay on why service to the community is important.  A panel of judges reviewed and scored each application on a blind basis (identifiable information was removed from each application), and the top 29 students from each school received the award.

“On behalf of the Education Foundation, I would like to thank each of this year’s Select 58 Award recipients for their service work and participation in school and community activities,” said Select 58 Program Chair Briana Richardson. “This year’s applications included service work and activities completed before and during the pandemic. It was inspiring to hear how our Select 58 recipients continued to serve despite the challenges presented by COVID-19. Congratulations on this honor!”

All Select 58 Award recipients will receive a Select 58 award certificate, as well as gift cards to Skuddlebutts and Every Day’s a Sundae. They will also be announced during this week's Eighth Grade Promotion ceremonies.

Congrats to the 2021 Select 58 award recipients!


  • Kassandra Bollnow
  • Audrey Casten
  • Gabriel Deaton
  • Claire Foster
  • Varun Ganesh
  • Keya Gupta
  • Eva Henrikson
  • Nolan Hicks
  • Nolan Hurter
  • Mia Jackson
  • Karsen Kras
  • Sophia Lazar
  • Brianna Lee
  • Nathaniel Moawad
  • Sydney Moss
  • Dylan Nuttall
  • Sophia Oestermeyer
  • Grace O'Donnell
  • Laura O'Neill
  • Russell Oros
  • Luci Pampalone
  • Andrew Avery Pawlak
  • Sydney Peterson
  • Hannah Renner
  • Jake Rifenburg
  • Mallory Riske
  • Brady Travers
  • Anne Van De Walle
  • Zander Yee


  • Caila Abarro
  • Erika Andreshak
  • Rose Balicki
  • Ryan Coit
  • Madison Cox
  • Aidan DeCastro
  • Reese Gee
  • Ella Kamano
  • Noelle Kelly
  • Keya Khullar
  • Maya Kolakowski
  • Adela Kowalski
  • Evan Kuntz
  • Everett Lynde
  • Ellie Mazzeffi
  • Ashley Molinari
  • Natalie Murphy
  • Greta Paschall
  • Nathan Peake
  • Jordan Reynolds
  • Estella Rizzo
  • Gabriella Ruchniewicz
  • Jack Sifuentes
  • Kyle Sigale
  • Brooke Spindler
  • Sydney Stapleton
  • Sienna Thurston
  • Kimberly Torres
  • Alyssa Zoerb