Wear red on May 21 for Retiree Day!

Wear red on May 21 for Retiree Day!

District 58 to celebrate 29 retirees

District 58 proudly celebrates 29 retirees this school year! During a typical year, the District 58 Board of Education would hold a Retiree Luncheon, and the Downers Grove Elementary Education Association (DGEEA) would host a “Celebrate 58” Retiree Dinner. Due to the pandemic, we cannot offer these events. However, we still would like to celebrate our fantastic retirees! This is where we need our community’s support. 

District 58 and the DGEEA have declared Friday, May 21 “Retiree Day,” a day to celebrate this year’s District 58 retirees! We invite all students and staff to wear the color red in support of our retirees on May 21. In addition, schools will recognize retirees on this day in a variety of small ways, and the DGEEA and School Board will send retirees small gifts. The District and DGEEA will also publish a celebratory retiree video.

Congratulations to District 58’s retirees! They have provided District 58 with a combined 680 years of service! We appreciate your dedication to District 58 and wish you the best in your future endeavors. 

2020-21 Retirees:

  • Mike Bergmeier, Herrick art teacher, 33 years
  • Anna Egofske, Henry Puffer psychologist, 33 years
  • Cathy Seiden, Kingsley first grade teacher, 33 years
  • Diane Peterson, Henry Puffer secretary, 32 years
  • Joan Pitassi, Kingsley instructional assistant, 32 years
  • Jennifer Rodriguez, Fairmount social worker, 29 years
  • Jane Bouhuys, Hillcrest/Kingsley music teacher, 28 years
  • Carol Gruber, Highland secretary, 25 years
  • Gloria McCollum, O’Neill resource teacher, 25 years
  • Deb Roach, O’Neill resource teacher, 25 years
  • Janet Wagner, Fairmount/O’Neill instructional assistant, 25 years
  • Catherine Tupy, Kingsley instructional assistant, 23 years
  • Cathy Wunderlich, Lester instructional assistant, 22 years
  • Gwen Box, Henry Puffer teacher librarian, 21 years
  • Cindy Dwyer, Fairmount resource teacher, 21 years
  • Donna Stankiewicz, Kingsley/Whittier instructional assistant, 21 years
  • Margaret Ver Vers, Highland instructional assistant, 21 years
  • Nancy Kent, Hillcrest instructional assistant, 20 years
  • Cindy Gilbert, ASC Special Services secretary, 19 years
  • Sandy Johnson, Lester resource teacher, 19 years
  • Tammy Mochel, Lester secretary, 19 years
  • Sharlyn Sombeck, Kingsley kindergarten teacher, 18 years
  • Dick Resh, Herrick math teacher, 16 years
  • Maureen Shanahan, Henry Puffer secretary, 16 years
  • Diana Rhoades, Lester second grade teacher, 15 years
  • Leslie Schoenberger, Whittier secretary, 14 years
  • Julie Ruth, Hillcrest instructional assistant, 13 years
  • Carin Novak, Lester principal, 12 years

District 58 also thanks Elynn Cunningham, Kingsley assistant principal, who is leaving District 58 after a total of 50 years of dedicated service. Mrs. Cunningham served District 58 for 33 years before retiring in 2003. She returned the next school year as a part-time assistant principal, a role she has continued through this school year.