Twenty-four District 58 students will advance to the state PTA Reflections competition

Twenty-four District 58 students will advance to the state PTA Reflections competition

Downers Grove Grade School District 58 is proud to announce that 24 students will advance 31 projects from the regional to the state level of the PTA Reflections arts recognition and achievement program.

Reflections is a national PTA arts recognition and achievement program for students. Through Reflections, District 58 students in preschool through eighth grade are invited to submit works of art in six areas: dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. The theme for the 2020-21 program is “I Matter Because...”

The Illinois PTA will review each student’s work of art and announce those entries advancing to the national level of PTA Reflections this spring. Best of luck, students!

District 58 congratulates students advancing to the state level of PTA Reflections:

  • Rachel A., Photography, Whittier
  • Kylee B., Dance Choreography, Belle Aire
  • Kendall C., Dance Choreography, Whittier
  • Sienna C.; Dance Choreography and Music Composition; Lester (Two projects)
  • Chase C., Dance Choreography, Lester
  • Aubrey D., Visual Arts, Belle Aire
  • Sam F., Film Production, Hillcrest
  • Priya F., Film Production, Pierce Downer
  • Jade Leo H.; Film Production, Music Composition, and Photography; Whittier (Three projects)
  • Greta H., Literature, Hillcrset
  • Delaney H., Film Production, Lester
  • Lillian H., Film Production, Lester
  • Kirana J., Visual Arts, Indian Trail
  • Grace Koeppen, Visual Arts, Lester
  • Reese L., Dance Choreography, Highland
  • Caroline L., Dance Choreography, Whittier
  • Avery M.; Film Production, Photography, and Visual Arts; Pierce Downer (Three projects)
  • Gianna M., Photography, Pierce Downer (Three projects - all Photography)
  • Harper M., Photography, Lester
  • Ava P., Literature, Belle Aire
  • Ashton P., Music Composition, Belle Aire
  • Ellery S., Film Production, Hillcrest
  • Nicholas S., Music Composition, Henry Puffer
  • Lillian Z., Visual Arts, Lester