Erin's Law

Erin’s Law requires all students in grades Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade in Illinois to experience age-appropriate learning opportunities regarding sexual assault and abuse prevention. The District 58 Social Work and Counseling team researched a variety of resources and learning experiences. The team has developed an age-appropriate continuum of learning opportunities for our children in order to help them be safe throughout our community. Topics of focus are as follows:

  • Pre-kindergarten & Kindergarten: Personal Safety
  • 1st Grade: Safe Touching: Ok Touching & Non-Ok Touching
  • 2nd Grade: Relationships You Have with People
  • 3rd Grade: Community Safety
  • 4th Grade: Changing Relationships
  • 5th Grade:  Healthy Relationships, Boundaries & Abuse
  • 6th Grade: Continued Healthy Relationships, Rumors, & Gossip
  • 7th Grade: Authority Figures, Relationships, Community Safety, & Sexual Abuse
  • 8th Grade: Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, & Digital Citizenship

More information regarding Erin’s Law can be found at the Erin’s Law Website.