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the reading games 2022

The Reading Games will be February 25, 2023

Submitted by The Reading Games Committee

The Reading Games is a fun reading competition for District 58 students in grades 3-8. Students read books from the book lists, then face other teams to answer questions about the books they've read. It is a great opportunity for kids to read new books and discuss them with friends. Teams are made up of 5-8 students, and may include students from different grades and schools. However, due to space limitations, participation in the Reading Games is limited only to District 58 students. Teams will read books and be asked questions from Book List 1 (3rd-4th grades) or Book List 2 (5th-8th grades).

The Reading is sponsored primarily by the Education Foundation of Downers Grove District 58.

Team Registration

Completing the team registration form below reserves your spot as a team to compete on Saturday, February 25, 2023 at O'Neill Middle School. Please sign up by Wednesday, Nov. 2. You do not need to identify the students who will be on your team for this registration, so there is time to finalize the team members. Before Winter Break, you will be asked to provide more information about your team, including team name and volunteer names. Each team should plan to have the following overall adult participation:

  • 1 Team Contact – This person would be a contact point for the Reading Games committee over the next several months until the event, and would work with the team to coordinate practices and reading.  (This person can fill one of the three volunteer roles on the day of the event, if they wish, but that’s not required.)
  • 1 Adult Team Volunteer  - This person will fill a role separate from the team on the day of the event, as a moderator, scorekeeper or other needed role. (This can be the Team Contact or another parent)
  • 2 Adult Team Chaperones – These people will stay with the team on the day of the event to supervise the team.  (The Team Contact can fill one of these roles, or both can be filled by other team parents.  This is in addition to the separate Team Volunteer listed above and would not be the same person)


Individual Registration

If you have a child who would like to participate but does not have a team, you may request a spot using the individual registration form. Although we cannot guarantee a spot on a team, we will do our very best to match children to existing teams, or to assist you in creating a new team.


Updates for 2023!

  • All three rounds of Reading Games will be in the same format (there will not be a round with book titles as the answer, as there has been in the past).
  • Team contests are back!  Look for more information about contests for team costumes and team T-shirts to come, and keep this in mind when brainstorming team names.

Question Writers Needed

We are still looking for Question Writers.  If you are interested in writing questions for Reading Games, please sign up below. If possible, select a book from a Book List that you don’t have a child participating in.

For more information, visit the Reading Games website at If you have any questions, please email us at We are happy to answer questions!

Good luck to our readers as they uncover the magic within these books!