O’Neill offers a variety of activities throughout the school year. The students can choose from interscholastic and intramural sports, or any of the various clubs offered. These are the following sports…

The Interscholastic Program (competition with other schools) consists of:

  • Girls’ Volleyball (September-October)
  • Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country (September-October)
  • Boys’ Basketball (November-January)
  • Girls’ Basketball (February-March)
  • Boys’ Volleyball (February-March)
  • Girls’ and Boys’ Track (April-May)

The Intramural Sports Program (with only O’Neill Students) consists of:

  • Basketball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Flag Football 3 on 3 basketball tournament
  • Other activities based on interest

Clubs and Other Activities usually meet at least once a week after school. Intramurals take place before and after school. Specific times for activities and information about how to sign up will be announced during the school year. Please click the link below to see information about our clubs. Please note that clubs may change from year to year based on student interest and staff availability.

Click here for club information