Family Involvement

District 58 believes parents are the child’s first and most important teachers.  For this reason, Grove children’s Preschool embraces family involvement as a basic component of the preschool program.  Research has shown that the greatest benefits are derived when parents and teachers work as partners to guide children in their growth, development, and education.

Goals That Guide Parent Involvement

  • Helps parents understand developmentally appropriate practices.
  • Provides parents with information related to how children grow and learn.
  • Provide support through resource, materials, referrals, and parent conferences.
  • Inform parents about community activities that are beneficial to families and children.
  • Aid parents in recognizing and coping with stresses related to parenting.
  • Provide ideas and materials for learning at home.
  • Provide family fun in a group setting.
  • Help parents understand the importance of regular, consistent school attendance for their child’s future success.

Parent Involvement Opportunities

  • Classroom Visits
  • Field Trips
  • Share Hobbies Or Talents
  • Share Holiday Traditions
  • Donate “Useful Articles” From Home
  • Parent Education Workshops
  • Family Fun Events
  • Volunteer In The Classroom

If you would like to volunteer in your child’s classroom, please contact the classroom teacher.