Parent Testimonials

Learn what our parents have to say about their children’s experiences at Grove Children’s Preschool.

“My two children have attended Grove Preschool, and as a first school experience, Grove Preschool has far exceeded my expectations. The difference between this school and other area schools is the people. The teachers and staff show tremendous compassion for each child every day. The teachers develop a bond with your child that is magical to see!
Not only will your child learn foundational social skills such as making friends, sharing and showing respect for others, but your child will be ready for the demands of a half or full day of kindergarten. It’s incredible to watch your young child blossom into a competent and confident student ready for the challenges of kindergarten!”
– Corinne C.

“Dear Jackelyn, Kendall and Team —
The past three years have been a journey for our family and we are fortunate you have been with us for it. The amount of support and partnership Grove Preschool has provided our family is far beyond any expectations. The entire team is always available and engaged in our child’s development (academic, emotional and social). It is really special to see that our little guy’s teachers from last year seek him out just to get a hug and stay connected.
This past year we’ve seen our little guy make significant progress socially. That’s because of all of you, the environment you have created, and the creative approaches for learning. You continue to challenge him academically and peak his interest in new topics. I am amazed at the capability of the team as they can effectively meet the academic and social needs of an entire classroom and style-flex to meet an individual’s requirements. We appreciate how in tune you are with what is happening in the district and the un-written expectations for kindergarten.
Thank you for being more than just our teaching and therapy staff. You are our support system and partners. You are an amazing group of individuals that have helped our little guy find his path to success on all measurables and help us grow as parents. We are truly lucky.”

– Mindy K.

“Our oldest is a graduate of Grove Children’s Preschool. The staff provided a loving, nurturing environment while helping him develop social skills and giving him the confidence he needed for kindergarten. When it came time for our youngest to start preschool, there was no question where he would go. We’ve had the opportunity to watch our boys grow and learn both academically and socially and we attribute much of that growth to the experiences they have received at school.
Grove is truly a child­-centered environment. The staff recognizes that all children learn at their own pace. The kids independently navigate through learning centers designed to strengthen their fine motor skills, develop creativity, and interact with the other students in both play­-based and learning scenarios. This positive environment coupled with a preschool-appropriate curriculum has given my children a well­-rounded experience.
I’ve had many opportunities to volunteer in the classroom, on field trips, and at school parties. It’s been wonderful to get to know the kids and watch my children interact with their friends and teachers. As a parent, I could not have asked for a better first school experience for my children.”
– Rachel U.