About Our Day

Daily Schedule Components

Student Arrival:

Includes individual greetings, hang coats, empty backpacks, put away snack, mail, and library books, attendance, table activities.

Group Meeting:

Center TimeChildren sing songs and finger plays, share views, complete attendance, check the calendar, check the weather, talk about the day’s activities and choices.

Center Time:

One hour of child-initiated play at learning centers which include: blocks and floor toys, dramatic play, table toys & games, art center, library area, discovery table, scooping table, water table, writing table, and computers. Snack & Pack Mail will also be incorporated during center time. Children will sit together for a self serve snack from home. During this time children have opportunities to make requests, use self help skills and practice conversation. Children put papers, art work, snack bag and communication folders into their back packs.

Clean Up:

Children sort, categorize, and organize as they put away the materials.

Activities includeLarge Group:

Activities include; stories, dramatics, literacy, music, dance, and games. Students will also visit the library one time per week.

Small Groups:

Children participate in small group activities designed to  meet each child’s individual needs. Topics may include; graphs, charts, games, writing, communication, and academic skills.

Gross Motor:

Children will participate in gross motor activities such as playground equipment, balls, group games, etc. Gross motor will be outside weather permitting. Students will also visit the gymnasium during scheduled times.

Closing Activities:

Class reviews activities from the day. Children are encouraged to put on coats and backpacks independently. Class sings good bye song.
***Individual classroom schedules may vary and allow for flexibility but will include the daily components listed above.***