Setting Common Expectations

Recently our Highland students and staff began the process of defining what we value and what we expect of ourselves and one another. The three values that we used in this process are:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe

Based on these values, students and staff began to set common expectations for the common spaces at Highland. Our common spaces at Highland are: the hallways, the bathrooms, lunch, and recess. 

In January, students worked together during their Buddies activity to talk about what they think the expectations in our common spaces should be. Students created posters using a combination of drawing and writing to describe the expectations for each space.

During our January and February faculty meetings, our Highland staff reviewed our student’s feedback and used that feedback to create a final set of common expectations. These expectations were shared with students during our February All-School Meeting. 

By creating common expectations, we will continue to create a safe and respectful environment for all students. These expectations are posted throughout Highland in each one of our common spaces for students to reference. Please take the time to review and reinforce these expectations with your student(s) at home. We are grateful for our partnerships that we have with our Highland families, and appreciate your continued support.

List of Expectations for when students are in the hallway

List of Expectations for when students are in the bathroom

List of Expectations for when students are at lunch

List of Expectations for when students are at recess

Students working on an assignment

Students and Staff Collaborate to Set Common Expectations

Students collaborating in class